What is Art of Play?

The Art of Play was created by ordinary people who are passionate about helping our community heal. We envision a hands on learning environment which provides trainings on current trends and topics in therapy. We pride ourselves in making our workshops applicable and affordable to all interested.

The Mission of Art of Play is to…

¨ Provide affordable and applicable continuing education and credentialing for professionals

¨ Provide current creative trends and techniques in working with child and families.

¨ Provide a networking resource for Play Therapist, parents, teachers, and health specialist.

¨ Provide a safe and trustworthy environment encouraging individual growth.

Putting the Pieces Together Through Play.

¨ Creative- We will provide current and applicable play therapy techniques. Each individual will leave with ready to use methods.

¨ Growth- We help our attendees to grow both individually and professionally.

¨ Flexible- We have something for everyone and every population. Classes are presented in a small, relaxed, and hands on atmosphere.

¨ Affordable- We offer trainings at very competitive prices to fit your budget